Every day, everywhere in the world, people wake up, get dressed, and head off to make a living following the path they've chosen. But deep down inside there's always a desire for a better way, a simpler way, a legitimate way to make more money, have more free time and enjoy life rather than just work until we die. We have found a 100% legitimate, inexpensive, logical system with a valuable product and real-time commissions. Generate income with just a cell phone and an internet connection from anywhere at any time. Get started now, get paid now. Do you look for ways to make more money? Ask for info and we will send you more information. Let's talk. Hello, everybody, and welcome to this Brief Cheers Partners Overview. This is a very brief presentation to assist you in deciding if GS Partners is that financial vehicle you've been looking for. Let me give you this brief disclaimer. This presentation is for the exclusive purpose of educating the community, members, and users of our products, services, and potential rewards programs found on the GSPartnersglobal platform. powered by SwissFallonBankLTD. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the GS Partners Rewards Plan and its income potential. This includes information pertaining to the SwissFallonBankLTD online introducing partner program, granting access to GSPartnersglobal platform through API. All earnings or income examples will depend solely on the ideas, techniques, knowledge,. skill, and time vested into your independent business. GSPartnersglobal, powered by SwissFallonBankLTD, does not guarantee any results for any decisions. you make in relation to promoting our products or your business. All income examples shown in this presentation are not to be considered average earnings. We're not financial advisors and we're not offering financial advice. Please take a picture of this slide and note that all fiat currency numbers are for the equivalent purchase orientation only. Now we have arrived at the new digital era. It is here. It is upon us. And GSPartnersglobal connects corporate and communities to create real-world value solutions. It's a very simple concept. You put your money to work for you in a digital blockchain system and allow the professionals in each sector to return to you your profits. GSPartnersglobal uses top-rated and industry-tested blockchain and AI technologies to create a. safe and secure interconnected marketing hub. This allows for an integrated user experience while allowing experts from multiple industries to create the education and the products and the services to bring the best value to all those within our community. Now the golden key is something called the Elemental Series Meta Certificates. There are nine different certificates to choose from representing nine different price points. You find the price point that matches your particular financial need and take advantage of this phenomenal financial instrument. We're going to start with just one because they all work the same way and have the same ratios. This one is called the Water Certificate of the Elemental Series. And this Water Certificate has a price point of $1,000 USDT. That determines how much each block of each certificate will allow you to place a deposit and put that money to work. That $1,000 USDT is your multiplier. Now let's talk about how it works. It opens six blocks that you can utilize building in inside this certificate. The first one, Fintech Financial Technologies. If you choose to fill this block, you will get a 15% return on your $1,000 USDT for 24. months. Compare that with other financial institutions. Let's just start there. At the end of the 24 month period, you will receive your $1,000 USDT load back plus a bonus of $3,500 USDT while simultaneously earning 5% per week for 52 weeks on your most expensive multiplier, that initial $1,000 USDT. Imagine, grab a calculator right now and do the math. I mean, if your calculator is working as good as mine, $1,000 USDT times 5% per week equals $50 a week. If you multiply that by 52 weeks, that gives you $2,600 USDT and you only start it with $2,000. Plus, you're going to get your 1,000 Fintech deposit back and your $3,500 bonus back plus the 15 per month, 24 months and it gets even better. You can decide to put another $1,000 deposit into the renewables sector. Renewable energy is a massive burgeoning market. If you choose to put that 1,000 USDT to work in that market, you're going to get the same thing. You're going to get 15% per month, I'm sorry, for 30 months. While at the end of that 30 months, you'll get your 1,000 USDT back and a 4,000 USDT bonus plus simultaneously adding 4% to your multiplier. Now, remember, you are getting 5% on that multiplier, but because you loaded a second sector inside the certificate, it stacks on an additional 4% return on your 1,000 USDT multiplier, giving you 9% per week. You can also choose to make a deposit in the real estate sector, 15 per month for 36. months. At the end of the 36 months, that 1,000 USDT returns with a 3,000 USDT bonus and you stack on an additional 35% weekly, making it 125. You see how we're working on that initial 1,000 USDT multiplier. You can load into the Metaportfolio, which is crypto and forex trading, and you'll get your 1,000 USDT back at the end of the 18 month period. Also there are quarterly paybacks included in this particular sector, and you get 25. added to your weekly multiplier. You're up to 15% per month. You can also load up supplements. Same thing, but this one allows you to have that 1,000 USDT load back with a $4,000 bonus at an additional 3% per week. This one has to be loaded quarterly, so get with the person that shared this with you to get more breakdown on how that works. Also gaming, you can load that up. On a story short, you can get a return of anywhere from 25 all the way to 22% per week. on your initial $1,000 multiplier, depending on how many sectors you choose to load. And then if you want to become a referring partner, it's not mandatory, but it's allowed for 33 USDT per month. It gives you a blockchain academy, a 28 USDT NFT every month, special member pricing and promotions like we currently have a 3 by 3 get 1 free promotion. You get a referral link and you can participate in our rewards plan and get paid multiple ways in crypto rewards every minute, every day, and every week, and every month. When you activate your 33 USDT monthly member subscription, you earn a 15% direct commission when you refer customers and members on anything that they purchase. You get paid instantly in real time in digital currency. You get paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and more instantly over our G99 mainnet blockchain. And ladies and gentlemen, once you activate your membership for 33 USDT per month, you get paid instantly on your referrals and your team's referrals up to nine levels in depth on your level one. As we said, 15%, if you sponsor at least one individual that's also an active referring partner, that qualifies you to earn through three generations of referrals, sponsoring two active 33 USDT members, qualifies you to earn six generations of referrals, and three or more qualifies you to earn all nine levels of referrals. You can also hit something called ranks. And if you hit it before the mid month of the 15th of the month at 235959 CET, that. allows you to participate in the bonus pools with the average payouts, as you can see all the way over to your right. This is average payouts to date. It's an example, but not a guarantee of income, but it's based on the average payouts since the pools inception. Historical data does not guarantee future results, but you get an idea of the type of returns people are receiving in crypto rewards by hitting rank by the 15th of the month. And then at the end of the month, end of the month and paid out on the first in real time over the blockchain, as you hit these larger ranks, you can see the approximate bonus. Again, no guarantees of income. It's just based on team sales bonuses paid at the end of each and every month. So three simple steps, register for your free account, fund your GS partners with 33 USDT. If you want to take advantage of the bonuses, promotions and have the ability to refer others and then upgrade your future, load your GS partners platform with crypto assets and acquire as many metaverse certificates as you choose 100% load the blocks that you choose and instantly start receiving rewards on your loads and your acquisition of these certificates. And then finally, build your business, tell your friends, share your marketing link and use the lucrative referral rewards program through GS partners to start earning real time commissions and maximizing all of the bonuses. So get back with the person that shared this with you, let them know you're ready to register for your free account and we'd like to welcome you to the GS partners community.